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Demo Listen Derby -- Each week this year I'll be posting a demo of a different song of mine. That's 52 songs, people - and I am so looking forward to hearing what you think of them!

At the end of the year, I'll take the 12 songs that everyone liked the best and perform them live. I'll post the show on my YouTube channel for those of you who can't come in person. And we'll see what other ideas pop up as the year progresses.

Because this is really an experiment, and I'm open to anything. If you have some arrangement ideas I'd love to hear them! Have someone in mind who you think could sing the tune and kill it - let me know! Want a copy to add some instruments/vocals - sure! Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.

So thanks for listening and being a part of this musical journey.


  • Forthcoming release from Kitty Gill (producer, arranger, performer)
  • Forthcoming release from Steve Robinson (producer, arranger, performer)
  • Rally On, Claudia Jacobs Band (producer, arranger, performer)
  • Return to the Dream, Return to the Dream (songwriter, performer)
  • Postcard from Antigua, Josh Joffen (performer)
  • 40 Years Later, Tom Griffith (songwriter, performer, arranger, producer)
  • Hand Picked, Toby Walker (songwriter, performer)
  • Just Rolled In, Toby Walker (songwriter, producer)
  • Plays Well with Others, Toby Walker (songwriter, producer)
  • The Web of Life, Tom Griffith (songwriter, performer, arranger, producer)
  • Girl Sweat, Michele Monté (co-producer, arranger, performer)
  • Lessons of Love, Eileen Sharkey (co-producer, arranger, performer, songwriter)
  • It's About Time, Martha Trachtenberg (producer, arranger, performer)
  • Hodge Podge, Tom Griffith (songwriter, performer, arranger, producer)


  • A&E Biography/Woody Harrelson (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • WEtv/Amazing Wedding Cakes (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • WEtv/Don't Sweat It (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • Animal Planet/Underdog to Wonderdog (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • MTV/Your Chance to Dance (composer, arranger, music producer)

Film, Scoring, and Sound Design

  • Prominence, science-fiction adventure game (composer and sound designer)
  • Beer, Night of the Creeps, Excessive Force, Caught in the Crossfire, Girlfriends, The Key, Not a Pretty Picture (composer, arranger, music producer)


  • Hickory Bench Playhouse, Rick Cashman (producer, arranger, performer)
  • (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • Haunters (composer, arranger, music producer)


  • Hyundai, "Cars That Make Sense" (music producer)
  • Campbell's, "A Warm Hug" (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • Starburst, "The Juice is Loose" (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • Kudos, (writer, arranger, music producer)
  • Xerox, "Art of Noise" (producer)
  • Miller Genuine Draft, "As Real As It Gets," "Welcome to Millertime" (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • M&Ms, "I've Got That M&Ms Feeling" (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • Finesse, "Sometimes You Need a Little Sometimes You Need a Lot" (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • Kobalt Tools (composer, arranger, music producer)
  • Kandiyohi Power Cooperative (composer, arranger, music producer)